Islam and Evolution: A brief review of Quranic concept and Contemporary Thoughts


  • Fozia Sadaf Research Scholar Ph.D Islamic Studies, Bzu Multan



Of all the biological theories, the speculation of human evolution considerably poses the noteworthy challenge to Islamic standpoint because it directly threatens the central position of mankind in this universe.  According to Qur’anic point of view, the miracle of the creation of man directly belongs to ALLAH’s intention and His deliberate will. That’s why, Human Evolution has flip out to be a hot discussion amongst the believers and the non-believers, as it can’t be rejected or accepted in one stroke. The Muslim thinkers appeared to be typically hostile and suspicious of human evolution, meanwhile, the evolutionists area unit is busy to prove that homology (similarities amongst species) shows common ancestry of different species. Anyhow, bioscience has rejected this theory as it contains contradictory statements due to some faulty assumptions like it can’t answer a straightforward question “How did life come into existence on this planet namely Earth?” But Sacred writing (Qur’an) has created an unambiguous and veritable conception in this regard. The purpose of this qualitative research mainly has two folds. The first is to spotlight the conception of the evolution of man in step with primary sources of Islamic sharia (Qur’an and Hadith) and the second is to analyze the theology of the researchers, philosophers, and scholars based on the human evolution. Though, the theory of evolution is not ideologically appreciated by Islamic groups. In fact, it is considered nothing, but a material based thought. Somebody ought to be very careful to make a final statement concerning human evolution without a deep analysis of Islam and bioscience.