About the Journal

  • Journal Name: Qualitative Research
  • Publisher Name : Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson
  • ISSN: 1468-7941
  • Impact Factor : 3.096
  • Nature: Print and Online
Qualitative Research was established in 2001 by Sara Delamont and Paul Atkinson. The journal was founded to offer a critical and reflective gaze on methodological approaches, understandings and engagements, and worked to counter tendencies that imagined qualitative research could become a taken for granted set of precepts and procedures. Qualitative Research encourages authors to take a critical engagement with the orthodox and the heterodox, the familiar and the innovative, the modern and the postmodern, and the experimental and the traditional. The journal continues to be guided by the principles of the founding editors, and invites creative, critical engagements with methods, methodology and qualitative practice.
This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).