Advertising & Promotion

2023 Product Offerings


  • Extend your brand’s awareness through display advertising in the print journal. Additional High Impact opportunities include cover tips, bellyband wraps around the journal, and inserts/outserts polybagged with a journal issue.


  • Online Banner Ads - Interact with your audience online with a leaderboard, medium rectangle, or skyscraper banner ad placed on a Journal website hosted on the SAGE Journals platform. High Impact digital solutions may also be available.
  • eTOC and Online First Alerts - Bring your product to the forefront by placing a banner ad on a Table of Contents Alert or Online First Alert email, the first touch a subscriber receives when a new issue or new content is made available online and prior to the print issue mailing.


Industry Education Opportunities

  • Sponsored Collections - As an industry partner, you have the opportunity to provide open access to leading peer-reviewed content from SAGE journals. This Journal sponsored collection allows you to highlight specific articles and research pertinent to your business and product lines. You will receive Sponsor recognition on the journal home page with links to the Collections page, where your company will be recognized through a leaderboard or skyscraper banner ad.

  • Article Reprints - Provide your target audience with article reprints discussing specific products, therapies, or topics related to your company as additional marketing collateral. Reprints can be provided in print, online, and even translated into a local language for a key market.

  • Supplements - Peer-reviewed journal supplements provide you with a credible, objective means to publish themed-articles on topics related to your company’s business.

  • Sponsored Subscriptions - Partner with a SAGE society journal and identify yourself as an educational partner in your field by sponsoring a full-year print subscription for your target audience. Your sponsorship will be recognized with a company-specific communication polybagged with the first issue as well as recognition on each cover issue throughout the year.

  • Microsites - Brand your company as the leader in the field by developing a destination website that focuses on a specific topic in your industry. Relevant journal content from all SAGE journals and links to Sponsor-specific information such as webinars, product information, and corporate sites, will populate this microsite.

  • Custom Webinars - Educate your target audience by partnering with SAGE for your next webinar, podcast or vodcast and take advantage of an extremely cost-effective way of engaging with our online readers and subscribers. Showcase your company, products, or services and drive traffic to your corporate site.

Advertising Rates

The following advertising rates apply to all SAGE Journals listed in the full list of journals EXCEPT those with links to individual rate cards, which have special rates.

Black and White

Ad Insertions/Year 1x 3x 4x/6x 8x/12x 24x
1 page $1,546 $1,388 $1,207 $1,147 $1,033
1 page £1,029 £926 £806    
1/2 page $1,235 $1,213 $1,054 $1,000 $901
1/4 page $743 $727 $634 $601 $541

Full Color 

Ad Insertions/Year 1x 3x 4x/6x 8x/12x 24x
1 page $2,696 $2,538 $2,357 $2,297 $2,183
1 page £1,794 £1,691 £1,571    
1/2 page $2,385 $2,363 $2,204 $2,150 $2,051
1/4 page $1,893 $1,877 $1,784 $1,751 $1,691

Frequency Discounts
Rates based on total ads run in a specific journal during a 12-month period. Space purchased by a parent company and subsidiaries may be combined for an earned rate.
Post-publication rate changes will not be accepted. Changes in frequency must be applied to future insertions.

Agency Commission: 15% for US // 10% for UK

Payment Terms: Terms for invoices are Net 30. Publisher reserves the right to withhold advertising from delinquent advertisers.

Cover and Preferred Position Rates (Non-Cancelable)

Inside Front Cover Earned B&W Rate + 35% Facing Table of Contents Earned B&W Rate + 25%
Inside Back Cover Earned B&W Rate + 25% Facing First Text Page Earned B&W Rate + 25%
Back Cover Earned B&W Rate + 50% Other Specified Positions Earned B&W Rate + 10%

Digital Advertising

website banner ads

Website Banner Advertising:

Interact with your audience online with a banner ad placed on a journal’s website

  • A: 728x90 Leaderboard (pictured) top of page ad position for immediate exposure
  • B: 300x250 Banner Ad (pictured) middle right of page to engage the most invested users
  • C: Either 300x250 banner ad (pictured), 160x600 skyscraper, or 300x600 expandable skyscraper lower middle, right of page

High Impact Banner Solutions:

Enhance your digital advertising with these rich media options

  • Interstitial Banner Ad
  • Pushdown/Expandable Banner
  • Sticky Banner

Other Digital Solutions:

  • Email Marketing: eBlasts, eTocs and OnlineFirst Alert Sponsorships
  • Webinars: a custom digital event package that includes promotion and event hosting
  • Microsites: custom package to host your content and SAGE content in one place
  • Sponsored Digital Editions: options include single article, full issue, or custom article compilations

Visit our Digital Advertising page for more information.

Artwork Specifications

A TRIM SIZES OF 8” X 10 7/8” TO 8 1/2” X 11”
Full page 7”w x 10”h
1/2 page horizontal 7”w x 4 7/8”h
1/2 page vertical 3 3/8”w x 10”h
1/4 page vertical 3 3/8”w x 4 7/8”h
Full page 6”w x 9”h
1/2 page 6”w x 4 1/4”h
C TRIM SIZES OF 5 1/2” X 8 1/2” TO 6” X 9”
Full page 4 1/2”w x 7 1/2”h
1/2 page 4 1/2”w x 3 1/2”h

Full Page

Full page, bleed

286mm (h) x 216mm (w)

Full page, trim size

280mm (h) x 210mm (w)

Full page, type area

250mm (h) x 180mm (w)

Half Page

Horizontal, Type Area

120mm (h) x 180mm (w)

Horizontal, Trim Area

140mm (h) x 210mm (w)

Vertical, Type Area

250mm (h) x 85mm (w)

Vertical, Trim Area

280mm (h) x 105mm (w)


Image Size/Crop:
Digital art files should be cropped to remove non-printing borders. Art should be created or scaled to the size intended for print. Image orientation should be the same as intended for print. For ads that are intended to run off the page, a 1/8” minimum bleed is required on all sides.


A High Resolution Press-Ready PDF is required for all electronic ad submissions. All fonts must be embedded. Minimum required image resolution is 300 dpi for color or grayscale images and 900-1200 dpi for line art (1-bit) images. All color files must be created and submitted to publisher in CMYK color mode. Publisher will convert ads submitted in RGB but is not responsible for color reproduction on these ads. 2-color ads (standard) must be provided as black plus 100% cyan, magenta, or yellow.


Color Ads: An identifiable SWOP-certified proof (Specifications Web Offset Publications— must be supplied with the final digital file. If a SWOP-certified proof is not supplied, then the publisher cannot guarantee correct reproduction of color. Any omissions or color deviation from a submitted proof, other than a SWOP-compliant proof, will not warrant compensation to the advertiser.

B&W Ads: A hard-copy proof the same size as the digital art must be supplied with the final digital file.


Please supply files on one of the following media: CD-ROM or e-mail. Please include a SWOP-certified proof with your digital submission. If e-mailing artwork, then send the proof in a separate package in the mail.


All bind-in cards and inserts are jogged to the head. All bind-in cards and inserts must have 1/8” trim beyond the crop mark area of the Head, Foot, Gutter and Face of the advertisement. Perforations must be 3/8” from gutter.

All live copy should be no closer than ¼” from the trim.

For inserts, 70# coated stock is the minimum weight and 110# coated stock is the maximum.


Final size of all BRCs must be 4 ¼” h x 6” w.
Minimum paper weight is 7 pt.
Recommended stock is 75# hibulk. It meets the requirements set forth by the USPS for reply cards.

Publisher is not responsible for any errors in reproduction if artwork is not provided according to the above specifications.

Contact Information


For Advertising Inquiries: For Artwork Delivery: Deliver Pre-Printed Inserts: For Reprint and Supplement Sales:
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publishing
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publishing
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA
(list journal name, issue # and quantity on boxes/skid)
Please contact SAGE to verify this address
Stacey Wayne
SAGE Publishing
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 USA
Phone: 805-410-7065
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publications Ltd
1 Oliver's Yard
55 City Road
London, EC1Y1SP
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publications Ltd
1 Oliver's Yard
55 City Road
London, EC1Y1SP
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publications Ltd
1 Oliver's Yard
55 City Road
London, EC1Y1SP
Commercial Sales Department
SAGE Publications Ltd
1 Oliver's Yard
55 City Road
London, EC1Y1SP